The Infant Jesus of Prague

The Infant Jesus of Prague from Catholic Book Publishing is a perennial favorite. It is the result of extensive research into all available historical as well as ecclesiastical sources relating to the devotion to the Infant. This important volume serves as an excellent resource for all who wish to enhance their devotion to, or learn more about, the Infant Jesus of Prague.

An expertly organized collection of prayers, novenas, and historical background, The Infant Jesus of Prague demonstrates the prayerful mind that first must understand devotionally the historical promise of the Infant of Prague ("The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you!") before it fully can reap its rich benefits.

Prayers, Litanies, and Novenas

  • Historical Prayers including Litany of the Infant Jesus and Father Cyril's Prayers to the Infant, and Prayers for a Novena
  • Prayers for All Occasions - Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Pledge of Love with the Holy Child, and Short Personal Novena to the Little Infant
  • Occasional Prayers to the Infant of Prague - Prayer of a Sick Person, Prayer for Peace, Prayer in Affliction, and Thanksgiving for Graces Received from the Infant of Prague
  • And many more...

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